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City of Professions – the largest social project for children in Ukraine.

In seven years we have visited 52 cities of Ukraine.

More than 1 million children became members.

Project mechanics. For one day, the park area of the city turns into an improvised town with professions. Every child, regardless of age, receives a passport at the entrance and the opportunity, as a real citizen, to "get a job". At each location, adult professionals conduct short workshops and give children the opportunity to try to become a doctor, police officer, builder, programmer, detective, journalist, agronomist, military, florist, railroader, designer etc.

At least 150 professions are represented in each city. The relevance of a particular profession acquires a new meaning every year. And we strive to do our best to adapt children to the challenges that the world is preparing for in the future.

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Warm words from our partners
«City of Professions» is an amazing project.
Because the organizers, the representatives of the companies working at the locations, the volunteers and the parents are all adults in the City of Professions, just as excited about what is happening around them as the children. This is a useful, educational, unifying and interesting game. A game of real life. In an atmosphere of absolute safety and in the focus of adult attention, a child can try himself as an employee of the SES, police, ambulance, be a researcher, deal with reagents in the laboratory, "work" as a refueler or operator at filling stations - from this joint activity with children, high and adults.

«City of Professions» is an opportunity to show a child the real world of professions - multidimensional, complex, incredibly interesting and intriguing. We are very grateful to the organizers for the idea, implementation, co-creation in this project, and more –for the opportunity to create an environment for children where they recognize their interests, learn new skills and show talents.

«City of Professions» is an extremely modern project, light in atmosphere, but important in terms of content.

In 2019, Ukrposhta took part in several festivals – in Lviv and Kyiv – and each time received emotional feedback from the locations visitors.

Children and their parents glued stamps, signed and addressed postcards (which is a forgotten skill), received and delivered parcels - they were very serious and responsible employees. In the «City of Professions» is interesting not only for children but also for adults.

This is a great project! Thank you to the ideologues and organizers for your cooperation and interest to the post. After all, Ukrposhta is actually a special company that combines a large number of professions and is a unique symbiosis of historical traditions, such as correspondence and philately, and modern financial and logistics services. Therefore, everyone can find something interesting here.

We are glad that thanks to such partners we have the opportunity to share this with the baby and her parents. After all, it is very important to show children in such an unobtrusive, playful way that each profession is unique and interesting, and how important it is to do your job well and with inspiration.

In fact, it is not the profession that is important, but the one who has become a professional in it!
Igor Smeliansky
General Director of JSC "Ukrposhta"
Every child is the beginning of a new story – life, success, achievements, accomplishments. The participation of the LotOK supermarket chain in the «City of Professions» project provided an excellent opportunity to join in the creation of such stories, to help choose not just a profession, but a favorite business for life.

In the whirlwind of time, we wish children all the best (prestigious work, high earnings), as if everything is right from the point of view of adults, but not always the views of parents coincide with the wishes of the child. It is a matter that a person likes (not status) –can make it happy in the future. During the project, children subconsciously show their incorruptible interest in various areas of employment. Such immediacy and sincerity is a good indicator for parents in making conscious choices for the child. Our company LotOK joined this event in order not only to encourage children (we introduced three professions – salesman, cashier and confectioner), but also a call to parents - support the choice of the child, then your family will be happy!

The participation of the LotOK supermarket chain in the «City of Professions» project provided an excellent opportunity to join in the creation of such stories, to help choose not just a profession, but a favorite business for life.

Among the priority values of the LotOK supermarket chain is always the Family! And our regular customers are our relatives.

Thank you to the organizers for such a wonderful idea of educating the next generation, it is very nice and interesting with you!
Tetiana Pochynok
HDR LLC "LK-TRANS", LotOk markets
This is not the first year we are participating in the «City of Professions».

The event has a great organization that allows our team to feel more cohesive and instantly see the results of their work, get positive emotions from children who are happy to get acquainted with our professions (we traditionally represent the profession of barista) and the products we produce. During these events, communicating with the child, we learn to better understand our target audience and as a result - to constantly improve their products, such as sweets and baby drinks.

The «City of Professions» is a great initiative that helps our company realize its mission - to be as useful as possible to society through our products.
Inna Syrchenko
Head of Marketing Askania FMCG
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